The Lincoln Short Wave Club have an excellent training program and regularly run training courses for the Foundation and Intermediate exams at the clubs well equipped radio shack in Aisthorpe. They are also able to organise and hold exams for the Advanced License.

The club can also assist in the learning of Morse code. One of our members, Ian G4XFC, has published his own web site “The Morse Crusade” which has comprehensive information about learning Morse with an article called “Starting Out” for those interested in starting to learn Morse. Ian has said that there is no need for Morse Classes, as students can easily learn from home in their own time using their own personal computer. He is always available to help students personally at the club, or by email.

Saturday Morning Workshops are held most weeks at the club shack in Aisthorpe to help newly licensed amateurs in setting up and operating the equipment. Workshops on building wire aerials are also available and members are encouraged to bring their faulty equipment to the shack where they are shown how to go about repairing it by experienced members.