Having worked hard to get your amateur radio licence, and have progressed through to being an Intermediate licence holder. Maybe you are ready now to take on the UK’s ultimate amateur radio qualification: the Advanced, or Full, licence.

A lot of privileges and responsibilities come with a Full licence, not least from the fact that you will be able to transmit at up to 400 watts of power. You will also receive with your Full licence the ability to legally transmit from almost every country in the world.

We are not going to pretend that getting a Full licence will be easy. A complex technical exam has to be passed that requires considerable study for success. So you must be prepared to invest a good amount of time and effort in your studies.

When studying for the Full Licence exam there is no requirement to take a formal training course, this is because the examination is entirely theory based, with no practical training element. It is possible to study at home on your own or at a local amateur radio club or at a college; many run courses specifically for the Full Licence examination.

As per the previous levels of licence, the exam is performed using a laptop and consists of 62 multiple choice questions each with four possible responses. The examination lasts two hours.

Again as per the previous licence levels, as soon as you click finish you are presented with your result straight away.

If you have passed, you follow the same process to claim your Full Call sign. If you apply for your Full licence on the Ofcom website, it is free of charge. Visit the Ofcom website to find out more. Once you have received your new Full call sign, you can get started immediately on the Full Licence frequency allocations at up to 400 watts power.

To find out more about the Full Licence Courses at Lincoln Short Wave Club all you have to do is to complete the form below and We will get back to you.  Starting dates of Courses can be found in the club Calendar. Posts will also be put up on the main page when the next course is happening.

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