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GQ5FZ QRV — 3 Comments

  1. Terry was G4XMQ and he was a member of the club in the 1980’s he was very handy during the Lincoln Hamfest’s Cleaning up Lincolnshire Showground with his machine. Terry should be reading this as he is a regular follower of the Clubs Activities (Hi Terry)

  2. HI All, Firstly well done to Ian for the work on the Website (Excellent) secondly, I was so pleased to hear GQ5FZ from the receivers side for a change and chuffed to bits to work them, that beam does a great job 59+10db into Spain and my duff antenna.
    Thanks Simon and all at the club, will look for GB2CWP on Monday.

    EA3EWO, FT897D/AT-897 100 watts Antenna Windom.

    Regards Terry.

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