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Dambusters Special Event Station GB70DAM — 17 Comments

  1. Communications from aircraft to base were by CW between 3 & 6 Mc/s I believe, using the famous R1155 T1154. At the dams it was R/T on VHF. SO Lincoln Club, why are you not using CW?

    Sorry to say I am away on 16th/17th so you will not hear my T1154 on air in those men’s honour! I am devastated, as were those dams.

    Andrew GW3OQK.

  2. Guys is there any chance of trying 20m cw for us in Australia and Alaska who own Lancaster ‘bathtub’ keys and would love to be part of this event? Not sure 40m will work for us….though we will try! But 20m would be FB! We’ve all seen the movies and know the history and love getting our bathtubs on air to blow bubbles in peace hihi! – lyn VK4EI , Col VK4CC, Tomm WL7HP and others!

    • Sorry Guys we had problems getting the callsign and were only allowed it for 48 hours only on 40 & 80mtrs we run this event every year so hopefully we will not be so restricted next year

  3. As an avid SWL I have been listening in this afternoon, I am based in Andover Hampshire, on the edge of what “was” RAF Andover I am listening in using a vintage Eddystone 800 receiver..:)

    How can I go about getting a card as an SWL please… its now 17:26 and I believe you have some thunder on the way .. Best of luck


  4. Sent my copy of logbook page off plus sae (no qsl cards as awaiting delivery from RSGB still) but Not recieved GB70DAM a qsl card.Disapointed GM8JET

  5. Sorry :O( to all that have waited patiently to receive their special Dambusters QSL Card but there were delays in printing and we have now received the cards and they are being dispatched as I write this. You will find that they were well worth the wait.

    Thank you for your patience

  6. Thank You so much for that,i am still waiting for my qsl cards from the order with the RSGB and will of course send one direct as soon as they arrive,hence in the mean time i sent a log book copy.

    Guess the GB70DAM cards are indeed superb and well worth waiting for.

  7. Good Evening
    I received the cards on Wednesday 19th June and I will get them written out as quick as I can, as someone said a 1,000 will take some writing . Many thanks for your patients but I am sure the wait will be well worth while.

    73 de Steve M5ZZZ
    If you haven’t received your card within a month please contact me direct at .

  8. Superb card arrived today,Thank You.Mine have arrived also from RSGB who have managed to put GV8JET instead of as required GM8JET!

    As i will not be using NOV during July i am a bit annoyed.Looks like i will have to alter the the “V” to “M”.

    73,s David GM8JET

  9. Yes as Steve stated if you have not got yours within a month contact him.As above mine arrived the other day and its excellent.

    David GM8JET

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